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Yellow Dreams Art Contest

The Yellow Dreams Art Contest Exhibition will be held at the Hampden Branch, Denver Public Library, 9755 E. Girard Ave, Denver, CO 80231, from May 1 – 30, 2023. The Opening Ceremony will be on Saturday, May 6, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm, and all are welcome to attend.

Global Reach, the Mongolian nonprofit organization in Colorado, has launched the projects, Asian Art Exhibition and Mongolian Children's Art Festival in connection with the AAPI month, sponsored by the Asian Roundtable of Colorado and the community members. This year's Art Exhibition is being organized under the theme, "Why Am I Proud to Be Asian?" which encourages children to celebrate their identity and heritage, and think about what they could do to cultivate the American Asian legacy further. The contest aims to help children express their thoughts and feelings about themselves, their origins, and their identities, and remember their family's immigration stories.

Yellow Dreams Art Contest Flyer

The Mongolian Children's Art Festival, being organized as the performing art extension of the Asian Art Exhibition, will feature traditional dances, musical instruments, and songs performed by children to embrace their culture and heritage. The organizers believe that this experience would be treasured not only by the children who are performing but also by the audience for learning and appreciating the uniqueness of their culture and richness. This kind of people-to-people interaction through art makes lives more prosperous and inclusive, and aims to bridge gaps and misunderstandings caused by unknowns of culture and values.

You're Invited!

The Mongolian Children's Art Festival invites everyone to come on Sunday, May 21, 2023, to enjoy the performance. The location and time will be announced through their Facebook webpage,

Global Reach, in collaboration with the Asian Roundtable of Colorado and the community members, is organizing two projects for AAPI Heritage Month in Colorado, the Asian Art Exhibition and the Mongolian Children's Art Festival. The Art Exhibition contest encourages children to celebrate their identity and heritage and reflect on their family's immigration stories, while the Children's Art Festival showcases traditional dances, musical instruments, and songs to embrace culture and heritage.

The projects aim to bridge gaps in culture, values, and misunderstandings and promote inclusivity through people-to-people interaction through art.

All are invited to attend the events and celebrate the AAPI heritage.

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